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Poker Cards Marked With IR Codes

The short video clip below is an excerpt from a recent Defcon talk about cheating at poker using an electronic device that uses infrared to read specially marked playing cards. Watch the video first, then keep reading to get the whole story. Poker analyzer basic demo – [] Here’s the whole story: Full(er) House: Exposing […]

Stars May Make Bow Shock Waves

When objects move through a medium, they often push the medium out of their way, creating a wave like the bow wave of a boat pushing water away. When an aircraft is pushing air away in a bow wave, as the speed of the craft nears the speed of sound, the wave becomes compressed into […]

Saturn has a Giant Halo Ring

We know that Saturn has rings and with a moderately powerful home telescope, we can see them. But in 2009, a team of astronomers, using the Spitzer Space Telescope, discovered a huge new ring that had never been seen before. Despite the gigantic size of the new ring, it is made up of such a […]

1738 – Herschel – bio

Frederick William Herschel was born in 1738 in Hanover, Germany and was an astronomer and musician. He built over four hundred telescopes, including one that had a 40 foot focal length and 50 inch mirror. He observed and catalogued over 2400 astronomical objects. He discovered Uranus, two of it’s moons and two moons of Saturn. […]

Giant Ring Around Saturn

In 2009, NASA announced that the Spitzer telescope in space had detected a previously unknown giant ring around Saturn. The inner radius of the vaporous ring is 6 million kilometers from Saturn and the outer radius is 12 million kilometers out. The thickness or vertical height of the ring is estimated to be around 2.4 […]