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timeline of information theory

Information theory was founded by Claude Shannon in 1948 with an article he wrote that was published in the Bell System (Labs) Technical Journal. The article dealt with the mathematical engineering process involved in transmitting information over noisy connections. Shannon defined the unpredictability of information as “entropy” and applied statistical analysis techniques similar to those […]

1890 – Vannevar Bush – bio

Vannevar Bush was born in 1890 in Massachusetts, USA and was an engineer and inventor. Known as an administrator, he directed the “Manhattan Project” (which produced the first atomic bomb) in its early years, and also worked on analog computing devices and created a concept he called the “memex” which was designed to store a […]

1916 – Shannon – bio

Claude Elwood Shannon was born in 1916 in Michigan, USA and was a mathematician, cryptographer and engineer who become known as “the Father of information theory”. He used Boolean algebra to create the concept of digital logic which most modern electronics are based upon. He did work on the foundations of modern cryptography and designed […]