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1856 – Tesla – bio

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in Croatia, studied physics and mathematics and made his most significant contributions in the fields of electrical engineering and electro-magnetic fields. He is best known for advancing the alternating current (AC) electrical power distribution system and the electrical induction motor. He was involved in research into x-rays. He invented […]

Wireless Energy Transfer

We know that it is possible to transmit and receive energy via electromagnetic radiation with no wires. The problem is refining the technique to make it safe and make it work beyond short distances. It should be possible with current technology to make charging points in a working (or living) environment that allow short range […]

1791 – Faraday – bio

Michael Faraday was born in 1791 in South London, England. Faraday studied electromagnetic fields and was also a chemist. He proposed that magnetism is a circular force and used that idea to build the first simple electric motor. He discovered electromagnetic induction and built the first generator and transformer. He discovered that a magnetic field […]

1831 – Maxwell – bio

James Clerk Maxwell was a mathematician and physicist who was born in Scotland in 1831. His differential equations that describe the electromagnetic process are now known as “Maxwells Equations”. They were able to build upon the work of Gauss with electric charge and magnetism and the work of Faraday with induction and the work of […]