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Skin Suit Requirements

A Skin Suit concept was previously described here as a combination of a super-skin layer of clothing, a space suit, and an exoskeleton. In order to bring this closer to a functional reality, we need to define requirements. We can start by defining the layers that are involved: Skin components – a layer of protective […]

Federal Cyber-Security

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) has provided Federal Agencies with all the tools they need to get cyber-security done right. But obviously, it’s not being done right yet at most agencies. Why not? Failure to understand the threat level – this was certainly once the top problem… maybe not so much anymore with […]

Core Impact

Core Impact is a professional penetration testing framework tool that can operate in both automated and manual modes. It is very expensive, but sets the standard to measure other tools against. It comes with a constantly updated and state of the art collection of exploit code. Core can either perform its own reconnaissance or can […]