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Saturn has a Giant Halo Ring

We know that Saturn has rings and with a moderately powerful home telescope, we can see them. But in 2009, a team of astronomers, using the Spitzer Space Telescope, discovered a huge new ring that had never been seen before. Despite the gigantic size of the new ring, it is made up of such a […]

Asteroid Ice

Astronomers have detected the spectrum signature of ice on an asteroid called 24 Themis in the main belt. They believe the thin coating of frost on the 200 kilometer wide rock is constantly being evaporated by the Sun and then replenished from an interior supply deep inside the rock. Astronomers Find Water On Asteroid’s Surface […]

Water on the Moon and Mars

It has long been known that water exists in comets, asteroids, on Mars and on the Moon, but the key question has always been, “how much is there?” Shadows in craters at the Moon’s poles have been suspected to hold some ice, but there was little hope of finding enough moisture across the rest of […]