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Fiber Reinforced Hydrogel Fabric

Hydrogels are made from long chemical chains called polymers that have an ability to absorb a lot of water, often forming a stretchy, rubbery, colloid like substance. Hydrogels often change their structure in reaction to changes in PH (acid/base), temperature, or salt content. They are being used in tissue scaffolds, wound bandaging, diapers, contact lenses, […]

Printing a Cyborg Ear

Merging functional electronics with 3D printing that adds layers of a hydrogel matrix allows researchers to grow cartilage tissue and form a simple bionic ear. Now they just need to add blood vessels and skin. Printable ‘bionic’ ear melds electronics and biology 0 [] Using 3-D printing tools, scientists at Princeton University have created a […]

Self healing, Tough, Stretchy, Bio-gel

Conventional bio-compatible, water based hydrogels have been too fragile. By adding a seaweed extract to polyacrylamide (think soft contact lenses) researchers have created a new gel that is tough, elastic and can self repair damage. This new gel may excel as cartilage replacements and has potential for other bio-implants. Tough gel stretches to 21 times […]