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LUNAR – an extension of humanity

The single greatest extension of the human race so far has been the U.S. space program that culminated in reaching the Moon in 1969. The Apollo program ended in 1972. This short film is an animation of actual NASA photographs that portray the Moon landing effort.

We Grow As Our Machines Grow

Human civilization history is a record of extending human effort through external means. The means used are often called “machines”. Our machines extend our reach and amplify our effort. They make us stronger, faster, more accurate, and even smarter. We began with simple tools made from bones and rocks. We learned to use fire as […]

Using Blockchains for More Than Money

Bitcoin is a cyber currency that can be used to exchange credit in the same way we use money. In order to exchange credit, we need to establish a level of trust that the token of credit is actually worth something. Small objects that have their own value can be used, such as jewels or […]

Analyzing the Evolution of Fairy Tales

Phylogenetic analysis was originally developed to map the branching process of evolutionary development. The same methodology has been adapted to create tree maps of how different languages have developed and interacted with each other through history. In the paper linked below, researchers have used phylogenetic analysis techniques to analyze how fairy tales have developed over […]

The Progression of Ethics

Our consideration of ethics begins with self. At some point, we feel connected with others, usually family or close friends, and we become willing to extend some level of importance beyond self. As we grow in awareness and intelligence, we become more able to empathize with others, to feel connected with them, and continue to […]

The History of Ethics

Searching for knowledge on the history of ethics returns mostly discourse on the development of philosophical thought about ethics. This is the history of a branch of philosophy, and philosophers reasoning of ethics, but it is not the history of how ethics has been applied in everyday life by common folk. We can learn from […]

Journal Signatures Use Merkle Trees of Hashes

In the world of business transactions, there is a constant need to maintain logs or journals of transaction history. These journals need to be able to be validated for their integrity over time and they often need to be publicly available. Here are some examples of common transaction journals: Monthly bank statement for checking or […]

A Road Made From Silk and Onions

SILK ROAD (of history) The “silk road” of history was a group of trade routes that linked cultures and expanded civilizations by sharing ideas. It got its name from the effort to find good traveling routes for trading silk with China. But once the silk road routes were established, traders carried all manner of goods […]

Ethics and Psychohistory

Psycho-history combines psychological factors with elements of social sciences studies to create a methodology for understanding motivations of important historical events. Isaac Asimov started with this real concept, included some ideas on mathematical statistics, and presented it in his science fiction as a technique to make predictions about how masses of people will behave in […]