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0129 – Galen – bio

Galen was born in Pergamon (then Greece, part of the Roman Empire, now in Turkey) in 0129. He was a physician and philosopher who followed the teaching of Hippocrates and through the study of anatomy, made great advances in medical science. He improved the understanding of how the circulatory system works and was a skilled […]

-0460 – Hippocrates – bio

Hippocrates was a greek physician born around -0460. He is considered to be “the father of medicine” because of his contributions to the systematic study of illness and medicine. The Hippocratic oath that physicians take, swearing to the ethical practice of medicine, is named after him. Before Hippocrates, superstition ruled medical beliefs and popular thinking […]

0980 – ibn Sina – bio

Born Abu Ali Sina Balkhi, or ibn Sina, in Persia around 980 and known in western history by the Latin version of his name, “Avicenna”. He was a physician and philospher and studied and taught mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, logic, geometry, geology, paleontology and more. The author of over 400 works, his major effort was […]