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Cyberwar Defined

War is violent conflict on a large scale, often involving organizations on a national scale. There are many different forms of war and many different levels. We use the terms; civil, conventional, nuclear, chemical, biological, guerilla, asymmetric, urban, jungle, naval, air, desert, trench, psychological, cold and more to describe types of war. A “cold” war […]

Pentesting Sitcom

Fox Sitcom Will Depict Pen Testing Firm – [] Hollywood is taking another crack at hacker culture – this time with a decidedly contemporary twist: a sitcom that will depict the zany doings of a group of security geeks who work as corporate penetration testers. The new show, breaking_in, is scheduled to debut on April […]

Stuxnet Advanced Attack

Stuxnet appears to be one of the most sophisticated cyber attacks ever detected. The size and scope of the effort required to launch the attack leads analysts to suspect it came from a national security cyber team with tremendous resources. And the target may have been the SCADA control systems inside the Bushehr nuclear plant […]

DLL Hijacking

DLL hijacking vulnerabilities – [] For the last couple of days there have been a lot of discussions about a vulnerability published by a Slovenian security company ACROS. HD Moore (of Metasploit fame) also independently found hundreds of vulnerable applications and, as he said, the cat is now really out of the bag. In order […]


The metaphor of warfare used to apply to cyber-conflict is strained, but is still the paradigm most often used in discussions of this area by government and military. The concepts of “target” and “territory” are vastly different in a network. Likewise, the meanings of terms like: capture, destroy, defend, attack, hold, flank, surround, and many […]

Hacking Cars

A research paper from the Center for Automotive Embedded Systems Security, describes an attack methodology against embedded computer systems in modern automobiles. The attackers were able to activate or disengage the brakes while driving, control the engine and the lights, by plugging a laptop computer into a control socket. While this was done using direct […]

CCDC Tips and Video links

SEE ALSO: CCDC Nationals 2010 (part1) CCDC Nationals 2010 (part2) CCDC Nationals 2010 (part3) Here are some tips and thoughts on preparing a blue team defense in the CCDC: PREPARATION Know yourself – Know what your skills and limitations are, know who is good at what, know who wants to do what, know what your […]

CCDC Nationals 2010 (part3)

CCDC Nationals 2010 (part3)

SEE ALSO: CCDC Nationals 2010 (part1) CCDC Nationals 2010 (part2) Sunday morning found Team 7 hard at word trying to finish up the competition: Finally, they polished off the last few injects: After breaking down the network equipment, all the teams headed to the awards ceremony, where Dave Cowen, captain of the Red Team, delivered […]

CCDC Nationals 2010 (part2)

CCDC Nationals 2010 (part2)

SEE ALSO: CCDC Nationals 2010 (part 1) [see this post for the introduction to CCDC Nationals 2010] On Saturday morning, all the teams gathered again to hear an update briefing from Dwayne: The scoring engine was hard at work keeping track of everything: And the Alamo Cup was waiting for a new winner to be […]

CCDC Nationals 2010 (part1)

CCDC Nationals 2010 (part1)

The Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) is a national competition for college students designed to promote learning about cyber defense. Each year regional competitions across the nation act as preliminary rounds and then send the regional winners to a national competition in San Antonio. Each college team is required to defend an identical network from […]