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1777 – Gauss – bio

1777 - Gauss - bio

“Mathematics is the queen of sciences and number theory the queen of mathematics. She often condescends to render service to astronomy and other natural sciences, but in all relations she is entitled to the first rank.” Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss was born in Braunschweig, Germany in 1777. He made great contributions to mathematics, but was […]

1872 – Russell – bio

Bertrand Arthur William Russell was born in Trellech, Monmouthshire (Wales), England in 1872 and was a mathematician, a philosopher, a historian and an author of many books. He is considered to be one of the great logicians of his time and co-wrote, “Principia Mathematica” with Alfred North Whitehead. In 1901 he discovered a contradiction in […]

1906 – Godel – bio

Kurt Godel was born in Austria-Hungary in 1906. He was a mathematician and philosopher and was the most influential logician of his time. Godel is best known for his incompleteness theorems, proved in 1931, that demonstrate inherent limitations in symbolic systems. PRECURSOR: Goethe 1642 – Newton Kant 1646 – Leibniz 1862 – Hilbert CONCURRENT: 1861 […]

1838 – Jordan – bio

Marie Ennemond Camille Jordan (Camille Jordan) was born in Lyon, France in 1838. He was a mathematician who made significant contributions to the fields of permutations, topology and group theory. He created a topological proof that a simply closed curve divides a plan into exactly two regions, which is now known as the “Jordan curve […]

1849 – Klein – bio

Felix Christian Klein was born in Dusseldorf, Germany and was a mathematician. He did work on group theory and non-Euclidian geometry. He wrote a book on the icosahedron and created a 4-dimensional construct that is known as the “klein bottle”. PRECURSOR: Plucker 1826 – Riemann CONCURRENT: 1842 – Lie 1844 – Boltzmann 1854 – Poincare […]

1842 – Lie – bio

Marius Sophus Lie was a Norwegian mathematician born in 1842. He is mostly known for his large contribution to the area of continuous transformation groups, now known as “Lie Groups”. PRECURSOR: -0325 – Euclid 1736 – Lagrange 1765 – Ruffini 1777 – Gauss 1801 – Plucker 1802 – Abel 1811 – Galois CONCURRENT: 1838 – […]

1789 – Cauchy – bio

Augustin Louis Cauchy was a French mathematician born in 1789. He also made contributions to mathematical physics and engineering. He is best known for his theorem about integrals used for analysis of functions that contain imaginary numbers (such as the square root of negative one). He then submitted the “residue theorem”. These two theorems form […]

1811 – Galois – bio

Evariste Galois was born in Bourge-la-Reine, France in 1811. His major contribution is known as Galois Theory, which he discovered while trying to find roots for polynomial equations. He was studying permutations of roots and realized that symmetries found in the roots can explain their solvability. This laid the foundation for what is now known […]

1736 – Lagrange – bio

Guiseppe Lodovico Langrangia, aka Joseph Louis (Luigi) Lagrange was born in 1736 and grew up in Turin, Italy, but also lived in Prussia and France. He is primarily known as a mathematician but also made contributions to astronomy. Euler and Lagrange collaborated to create the Euler-Lagrange equation and created the field called calculus of variations. […]