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Password Strength Requirements

While the main premise of the article linked below is correct, it understates a key part of password cracking methodology. There are two primary means of cracking passwords: using word lists, and brute force. There are also many hybrid combinations, which is an important focus of the article. In brute force cracking, every element of […]

AI Chess Machine Learns by Itself

Deep learning researchers are combining neural networks with the computing power of GPUs to reduce the training time required to produce good results. But this just accelerates the speed of “brute force” learning that tries everything and tests for success or failure. Human intelligence uses filters to eliminate choices that make no sense. Narrowing the […]

Stampede will use GPUs to reach 10 petaflops

The University of Texas at Austin is building a new supercomputer called Stampede, which will be housed in the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). Dell servers, Intel coprocessors, and NVIDIA GPUs will comprise the hardware for the linux cluster, which is expected to reach a performance level of over 10 quadrillion calculations per second (petaflop). […]

GPU Password Cracking

Using GPUs to aid in password cracking continues to become more effective in both speed and cost. GPU Password Cracking – Bruteforceing a Windows Password Using a Graphic Card – [mytechencounters.wordpress.com] GPGPU computing is getting lots of attention these days. GPGPU computing simply means doing general calculations on graphic cards (GPUs) rather than CPUs. Traditionally, […]

Visual Learning

The rear section of our brain, the occipital lobe, contains a part known as the visual cortex. The visual cortex processes visual sensory information and produces our dreams. When damaged, the visual cortex shows remarkable ability to repair and reprogram functionality. Our brain has the ability to record descriptions of visual scenes using abstract words […]