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Living In The Asteroid Belt – part 6 – Lifestyle

INTRODUCTION GEOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY GETTING THERE MINING HABITATS LIFESTYLE Resources Empty space is free (once you get there) Energy is almost free from photovoltaic collectors Valuable volatile gases and metals are easily available from asteroid mining Building materials will be cheap and plentiful from asteroid mining Computing/Com/Nav net An information rich environment built on state […]

Government in Space

Governments are organized for the purpose of common defense and the well being of the group. In a nomadic tribe, there is little to defend in the way of territory, structures or possessions, so the form of government is usually minimal and often casual. The tribe can simply pick up and move on to escape […]

Economics in Space

Before attempting to predict how commerce will occur in space or how government will be designed to regulate it, it is important to understand how the basic economic factors will be changed. Comparison of Economic Elements On Earth ELEMENT In Space free AIR expensive cheap WATER expensive moderate FOOD moderate expensive ENERGY cheap expensive TERRITORY […]