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Transparency as Augmentation

First, watch this terrible car crash caused by lack of visibility (and a poor driving decision): Horror crash E40: Ford Focus vs truck accident (exit Aalter E40 Belgium) LONG VERSION – [] Then, consider how this new technology from Samsung could have prevented that crash: Samsung “The Safety Truck” – [] Finally, wonder how far […]

Smart Transparent Metallic Glass

In the world of Star Trek, “transparent aluminum” was described as being stronger and lighter than plexiglas. The article below discusses how “smart” glass that can react dynamically to changing light conditions is becoming more cost effective. Previous developments in technology point toward metallic versions of glass that are stronger than steel. The ability to […]

1815 – Geissler – bio

Johann Geissler was born in German in 1815 and is known for the invention of the Geissler tube. Prior to creating his tubes, in 1855, Geissler developed a new way to use mercury displacement in a vacuum pump that was more efficient than previous pump designs. The new low pressure created by the mercury pump […]

New Composites Formed Using Magnetic Particles

Composites are made by combining two different materials with different properties: Concrete – concrete by itself is a composite of cement and crushed rock, which has a high strength against compression or crushing (like rock) but can be poured like a liquid into forms to create specific shapes before it hardens. Concrete does not have […]

Tough Metallic Glass

Metallic glasses were first demonstrated fifty years ago when a team from Caltech produced a paper on gold silicon alloys. Metallic glass is formed when metal atoms cool and solidify without forming a crystal structure. This makes them lightweight and elastic compared to conventional metallic structures. New versions of metallic glass containing palladium and silver […]

Glass Grows Up

From using colloids to model the behavior of glasses, to windows that can change their tint, to adding peptides that can repel dirt, our understanding of the characteristics of glass is changing. How long can it be before we actually have transparent aluminum? Materials scientists find better model for glass creation – [] Glasses form […]


Quasicrystals seem to exist in a state somewhere between glass (disordered atoms) and crystals (ordered atoms) and show qualities of symmetry that were thought impossible. Quasicrystals – [] Quasicrystals are interesting quirks of solid-state physics. It used to be thought that the atoms in solid materials1 were either totally ordered (crystalline) or totally disordered (glasses), […]