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1269 – Epistola de Magnete

In 1269, Pierre or Peter Peregrinus of Maricourt wrote a letter to a friend discussing magnetism called “Epistola de Magnete” that explained how magnets attract and repel each other and how to identify the poles of a compass. Peregrinus was a tutor of Roger Bacon. PREREQUISITE: magnets of Carthage compass SUBSEQUENT: de Magnete (Gilbert) Roger […]

1600 – De Magnete

In 1600, William Gilbert published a study of magetic forces and their ability to affect a compass needle.  Gilbert’s studies convinced him that the earth was a giant magnet.  He also believed (incorrectly) that the rotation of the Earth and the magetic field of the Earth had the same cause. In de Magnete, Gilbert also […]

1791 – Faraday – bio

Michael Faraday was born in 1791 in South London, England. Faraday studied electromagnetic fields and was also a chemist. He proposed that magnetism is a circular force and used that idea to build the first simple electric motor. He discovered electromagnetic induction and built the first generator and transformer. He discovered that a magnetic field […]