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Molten Salt for Thermal Energy Storage

A container of molten salts can be heated from solar energy and then the heat can be used to drive turbines to generate electricity. This makes it practical to supply electric energy at night from solar energy collected during daytime. A Tower of Molten Salt Will Deliver Solar Power After Sunset – [] For the […]


Nanogenerators will be needed to power the new generation of tiny devices that nanotechnology is producing. Just as the self-winding wristwatch collects kinetic energy and uses it to drive the spring in the watch, it is possible to collect small amounts of energy in a variety of ways: motion and vibration, thermal differences, sonic waves […]

1791 – Faraday – bio

Michael Faraday was born in 1791 in South London, England. Faraday studied electromagnetic fields and was also a chemist. He proposed that magnetism is a circular force and used that idea to build the first simple electric motor. He discovered electromagnetic induction and built the first generator and transformer. He discovered that a magnetic field […]