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Suction pump to transistor

In the late 1500s and early 1600s the newfound use of glass for windows and continuing expansion of metallurgy was requiring ever increasing amounts of timber for fuel. As nearby forests were diminished, demands for the mining of coal and coke increased. New uses for metals of all kinds added to the need for mining. […]

The New Renaissance

The period of European history known as “the renaissance” was a slow revolution of knowledge and culture that supported the development of science, art, literature and other areas of intellectual pursuit. It began in the Tuscany area of Italy around 1300-1400 and it’s influence spread across most of Europe over the next several centuries, leading […]

General Applied Ethics

Considering ethical valuations; how to define ethical components, how to measure ethical value, how to predict outcomes, how to balance the combined valuations – these things are worth the effort of learning and advancing our ability to handle them well. But we also have a need to apply them routinely in our lives and to […]