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Eat the Cooking Instructions

Do It Yourself (DIY) projects are all the rage. A recipe for making good tasting food is an old fashioned version of a DIY project, but this new version includes eating the paper the recipe instructions are printed upon. – []

Biospheres in Space

When we begin to migrate out into space, we will need to create self-sustaining “biospheres” to live in. Technically, the International Space Station is a biosphere, but we re-supply it from outside constantly instead of replenishing materials from within. Our first outposts beyond Earth orbit will be similarly dependent upon regular supplies brought in from […]

Doubling Life Expectancy Over the Past 150 Years

We now have a life expectancy of just under 80 years, which is double what it was 150 years ago. The biggest differences are an understanding of how germs spread disease and the creation of clean water supplies. Improvements in personal hygiene, food handling and the development of vaccines have also played key roles. Our […]

Printing Transgenic Food

Transgenic or genetically modified foods are controversial, but offer tremendous opportunity to produce nutritionally enhanced, therapeutic food products that are engineered for specific needs. Combine this with the use of 3D printers to produce food products and you have the possibility to create unlimited combinations of nutrition and taste and texture. Post Paleo? – [] […]

Printing Food

A part of the MIT Media Lab known as the Fluid Interfaces Group is working on a 3D printing device that can create entire meals by extruding and depositing layers of ingredients from a bank of cartridges. Cornucopia: Digital Gastronomy – [] Cornucopia is a concept design for a personal food factory that brings the […]

Commerce in Space

Commerce in space will be driven by the demands of exchange and the economic factors involved. Raw Materials: Air and water are likely to be in high demand and even if they become somewhat abundant, will always remain treasured for their inherent importance. Food will be mostly manufactured locally, assuming you have the raw materials […]

Economics in Space

Before attempting to predict how commerce will occur in space or how government will be designed to regulate it, it is important to understand how the basic economic factors will be changed. Comparison of Economic Elements On Earth ELEMENT In Space free AIR expensive cheap WATER expensive moderate FOOD moderate expensive ENERGY cheap expensive TERRITORY […]

Life Support

Life support systems in space involve a range of areas and considerations. Short term issues: Hull protection – compression, extreme temperature control, and extreme radiation protection are usually provided by some kind of hull in either a spacecraft or a larger living habitat structure Short term breathable oxygen supply – a tank of air and […]