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timeline of fluid mechanics

Fluid mechanics is the study of the behavior and dynamics of fluids, both at rest and in motion. In addition to liquids and metal liquids, fluid mechanics is also applied to gases (air flow in aerodynamics) and other fluids and fluid-like substances such as plasmas and plastics. Fluid mechanics can also be used in an […]

1608 – Torricelli – bio

Evangelista Torricelli was born in Italy in 1608 and was a mathematician, astronomer and physicist, mainly known for inventing the barometer. He advanced Galileo’s work on the trajectory of projectiles and worked on rotating shapes around an axis to create three dimensional figures. This helped him create extensions to Cavalieri’s method of indivisibles. “Torricelli’s theorem” […]

-0287 – Archimedes – bio

Archimedes was a Greek engineer, inventor, mathematician and scientist born in Syracuse, Sicily around -287. He explained how the lever works, invented the “Archimedes screw” pump, and designed many military machines for attack and siege. He discovered how buoyancy in water works by displacement and this is now known as Archimedes Principle. He invented a […]

1789 – Cauchy – bio

Augustin Louis Cauchy was a French mathematician born in 1789. He also made contributions to mathematical physics and engineering. He is best known for his theorem about integrals used for analysis of functions that contain imaginary numbers (such as the square root of negative one). He then submitted the “residue theorem”. These two theorems form […]