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Commerce in Space

Commerce in space will be driven by the demands of exchange and the economic factors involved. Raw Materials: Air and water are likely to be in high demand and even if they become somewhat abundant, will always remain treasured for their inherent importance. Food will be mostly manufactured locally, assuming you have the raw materials […]

Economics in Space

Before attempting to predict how commerce will occur in space or how government will be designed to regulate it, it is important to understand how the basic economic factors will be changed. Comparison of Economic Elements On Earth ELEMENT In Space free AIR expensive cheap WATER expensive moderate FOOD moderate expensive ENERGY cheap expensive TERRITORY […]


As micro-fabrication units become more practical and available, the need to identify and trace individual products for a variety of reasons (security, business, legal) will promote the placement of nano-sized trace elements into each product as it is manufactured. Over time, this will evolve into the practice of using random identifiers for each trace element, […]

Drexler Spacesuit

In chapter six of his book, “Engines of Creation“, Eric Drexler describes a conceptual spacesuit that utilizes nanotechnology. Space and Advanced Technology Imagine that you are aboard a space station, spun to simulate Earth’s normal gravity. After instruction, you have been given a suit to try out: there it hangs on the wall, a gray, […]