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The Great Filter (Drake/Fermi)

The Drake Equation provides us a means to predict how likely it is that intelligent civilizations may exist. The L-Factor in the Drake Equation represents the length of an intelligent civilization. This is the most significant single factor in the equation. The L-Factor Limits Contact With ET Aliens The Length of a Civilization should be […]

Evolving Intelligence is a Knife’s Edge Balance

Fast Evolution vs Slow Evolution Evolving intelligence too quickly can threaten the survival of an intelligent species because advanced technology is dangerous without an equivalent level of ethics. On the other hand, evolving intelligence too slowly can threaten the survival of an intelligent species because natural cause events can exterminate a species without the technology […]

Antarctic Asteroid Crater

It is possible that one of the largest asteroid impacts in the history of the Earth has been located in Antarctica. A land mass concentration detected by satellite mapping of the gravitational field suggests a crater that is around 500 km in diameter (300 miles) and was probably created about 250 million years ago. It […]