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Exploratory Engineering

Eric Drexler created the term, “exploratory engineering” to describe a process of extrapolation in engineering. Drexler maintains that logical boundaries of scope can be defined based on performance from physically possible classes of devices. Using physical laws to draw the boundaries makes it possible to create hypothetical scenarios and accomplish modeling that have higher probabilities […]


Respirocytes are hypothetical, artificial red blood cells, capable of carrying extra oxygen and releasing it into the body and absorbing carbon dioxide and transporting it out. This could make it possible to hold your breath for several hours or to survive life-threatening events such as heart attacks by increasing the minimum response time needed before […]

Feynman Path

The concept of nanotechnology may have been first introduced by the famous physicist Richard Feynman in 1959 when he delivered a lecture titled, “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom.” The lecture inspired Eric Drexler years later, who then helped popularize the concept. Nanotechnology: From Feynman to Funding The Feynman Vision and Its Implications Feynman […]

Future Telescope

Another short but brilliant post by Eric Drexler, well worth reading several times over as short as it is. A Telescope Aimed at the Future – [] Our time is also unique in that growing computational capacity can enable us to simulate systems that have not yet been built: New aircraft typically fly as expected, […]

Drexler Spacesuit

In chapter six of his book, “Engines of Creation“, Eric Drexler describes a conceptual spacesuit that utilizes nanotechnology. Space and Advanced Technology Imagine that you are aboard a space station, spun to simulate Earth’s normal gravity. After instruction, you have been given a suit to try out: there it hangs on the wall, a gray, […]