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Distributed Utilities

Distributed manufacturing is poised to change our world using 3D printing technology to manufacture objects locally. Our utility infrastructure can move in the same direction. Our basic needs are water, food, shelter, power, communications, and medical services. The basic utilities we consume most are water, electric power, communications networks. We are already seeing the beginning […]

Spin Liquid Magnetism

Superconductivity is a state that occurs in some materials, at low temperatures, where there is little or no resistance to movement of electric charge. Electron “spin” is a term used to describe angular momentum (spin) observed in the electric and magnetic charges of electrons. Normally, an object that is magnetic has the magnetic spin of […]

Ionic Lifters

These ionic lifters work by moving air and have the potential to float and move light aircraft. They are quite different from the ion thrusters proposed for space propulsion. A mighty wind – [] When a current passes between two electrodes — one thinner than the other — it creates a wind in the air […]