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Disposable Paper Drones

A disposable or even biodegradable glider/drone can be used to deliver payloads from a powered aircraft to ground positions. The gliders are made from paper, cardboard, or other disposable materials and can be steered to a landing point using a small embedded electronic element. APSARA Compilation Video – [] A compilation video showing the operational […]

Distributed Manufacturing AND Distribution

3D printing has tremendous potential to enable distributed manufacturing. This is where a wide variety of manufactured goods can be made by printing them. Printing as a manufacturing process has the ability to change our idea of manufacturing being limited to industrial factory environments, and distribute it to smaller locations that can engage more limited […]

Fixed Wing Drone by Parrot

The Parrot “Disco” is a fixed wing drone with a fish-eye lens camera, a range of nearly 2 kilometers, and flying time of over 45 minutes. It costs $1,300, flies at up to 80 kph (50 mph), and has automated take off and landing modes. There is a joystick operated control panel that integrates with […]

30 Min Deliveries From Amazon Prime Air

This Amazon Prime Air commercial shows some of the potential of robotic drone deliveries. If they make this work, other companies will follow and expand use cases to many different business sectors. Further, Amazon might be able to sell their delivery infrastructure to smaller companies allowing them to offer the same delivery service. Amazon Prime […]

Drones That Don’t Fly

When we think of drones, we often concentrate on flying drones. But drones can also roll, float, swim, crawl, and eventually will walk. When we use the term, “UAV” it means Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, implying flying. But Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) and Unmanned Water Vehicles (UWV) can also be useful. The key component in drones […]

Using a Drone to Catch a Drone

A team at Michigan Technological University has demonstrated a “proof of concept” design for a drone capable of shooting out a net that can entangle and capture another drone, disabling its ability to fly. In a law enforcement environment, just destroying a done that has penetrated restricted flying space may not be desirable. This concept […]

Robot Deliveries

Amazon has been developing a system to deliver small packages with drones. Walmart is doing the same thing. Soon we may be seeing packages delivered by a variety of robotic devices, not just flying drones. Local Delivery Robot by Starship Technologies – [] The Transwheel robots (the robotic delivery service) – designed by KOBI SHIKAR […]

Virtual Tourism by Drone

The growing use of video recording from flying drones is opening up a new area of virtual tourism. Many drone produced videos have been posted online and now there are meta-sites which allow us to search and watch the videos based on location. In several cases the sites are linked to google maps and let […]

UAV Warfare

Reconfiguring hobby drones for military intelligence gathering is the mission of the Aerorozvidka (air reconnaissance) project in Ukraine. Their opposition uses Russian made equipment for the same purpose and has managed at times to track and take out the Ukrainian ground control stations. Коригування з коптера ПТУРа в районі термінала – [] In Ukraine, Tomorrow’s […]

Robotic Bird UAV

The “Maveric” is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that weighs 2.5 pounds, can be launched by hand, flies for an hour on a fully charged battery, and looks like a bird from the ground below. It can be flown by joystick or in autonomous mode, has bendable composite material wings and can carry a variety […]