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Smart Camouflage from Squid

Studying active camouflage techniques seen in squid, allows University of Bristol researchers to model an artificial skin that can do the same thing. They hope this will lead to dynamic illumination in clothing and even cloaking. Squid inspires camouflaging smart materials – [bristol.ac.uk] Researchers from the University of Bristol have shown it is possible to […]

Skin Suit

In the future, we will wear a basic clothing under suit that could be considered as super skin. It will be made from a variety of layers of composite materials: Nanofoams – hybrids of ceramic, metal, and polymer nanofoams will offer layers of light insulation, armor, and conduction of both liquids and electric current in […]

TF Skin

Tactile Feedback (TF) skin is more commonly known as “touchy-feely” skin. As nanotechnology based artificial skins became more sophisticated and thinner, two way tactile communications has become a basic feature. When nano responsive skins were first being developed, most of the early functions involved basic hygiene; specifically the breathing and moisture control needed for long […]


The cradle is a modular “body support” system that is a hybrid of ideas found in the designs of an acceleration couch, exoskeleton frameworks, and nanotechnology spacesuits. Acceleration couch – a couch designed to absorb acceleration forces and protect the human reclining in the couch. The most advanced forms use liquid gel nano-foams that can […]

Drexler Spacesuit

In chapter six of his book, “Engines of Creation“, Eric Drexler describes a conceptual spacesuit that utilizes nanotechnology. Space and Advanced Technology Imagine that you are aboard a space station, spun to simulate Earth’s normal gravity. After instruction, you have been given a suit to try out: there it hangs on the wall, a gray, […]