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The Future of Fog Computing

We have become used to the idea of “cloud” computing, which means both storing data and and doing processing that is distributed across many remote systems. We are just beginning to understand “the internet of things” (IOT) which is the concept that most “things” in our day to day life can become connected, can handle […]

Distributed Utilities

Distributed manufacturing is poised to change our world using 3D printing technology to manufacture objects locally. Our utility infrastructure can move in the same direction. Our basic needs are water, food, shelter, power, communications, and medical services. The basic utilities we consume most are water, electric power, communications networks. We are already seeing the beginning […]

Denial of service

A Denial Of Service (DOS) attack is an attack designed to prevent some information resource from being used. This can include jamming up network pipes with traffic that slows down access, attacks that can shut down a device (computer, router, gateway…), attacks that change configuration parameters and many more. While the ideas are unlimited, most […]