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Voice Interface

The idea of generic voice interface control for all computing equipment is not new. But with Amazon Echo (Alexa) and Google Home, we are finally taking a large step in that direction. Nokia has announced they are working on a voice interface called “Viki” and Samsung is also working on a voice based assistant interface. […]

Integrated Viewing Surfaces

Telephones used to be large and heavy compared to today’s phones. They used to have handsets, cords and large rotating dials to enter numbers. Today, they are small, light, cordless and respond to voice interaction. Our viewing screens used to be large, heavy and came in box-like cases. They had antennas, got power from cords […]

Lightbulbs Are Becoming Obsolete

Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) can be used to create light emitting surfaces instead of lights that emit from a single point like bulbs. This makes the light more diffuse and more power efficient. Current OLED surfaces are made in panels or sheets, but eventually could be included in many surfaces in household items, like […]

Wearing Our Electronics

We are beginning to wear our electronics on our bodies and in our clothing and eventually in our bodies. It all started with hearing aids and glasses. Early hearing aids were simple cones and other sound collecting devices. Modern hearing aids are digital electronics and can filter and augment the sound they relay inside the […]

Graphene Walls – Walls of Graphene

Putting 100 trillion Field Effect Transistors (FETs) on a one square centimeter chip may become possible using graphene walls. The term “graphene walls” in this context describes tiny strips or “nano-ribbons” of carbon atoms. Other researchers have developed ideas for creating cheap and flexible lighting and display substrates made of graphene components embedded in plastic. […]


The Visual Information SOuRce (VISOR) device evolved from several sources including eye-glasses, contact lenses and various types of heads-up displays. Augmented reality technology added information to all of these interfaces as well as other devices. Advances in 3-D techniques enhanced heads-up displays to create full stereoscopic presentations. As nanotechnology became routinely embedded in most common […]

AR Displays

Augmented reality displays can be delivered in as many different ways as data can be displayed. Displays that are projected onto a surface, or “heads-up” style displays on see through screens or glasses or contact lenses, and even display information that is projected onto the retina of the eyeball are all possible. Future of the […]