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1902 – Dirac – bio

Paul Dirac was born in 1902 in Bristol, England. He was a mathematician and physicist who helped to develop quantum mechanics and discovered an equation that successfully predicted anti-matter. In 1928 he created the Dirac equation which provides a mathematical description of elementary particles that is consistent with both relativity and quantum mechanics. The equation […]

1928 – Dirac equation

Based on the previous Schrodinger equation and Klein-Gordon equation, in 1928 Paul Dirac produced a wave equation that helped to explain the characteristic of an electron known as “spin”. In part, it dealt with an expansion of Einstein’s famous equation of “e=mc^2” that allowed a consideration of two sets of roots, one positive and one […]

1900 – Pauli – bio

Wolfgang Pauli was born in Vienna, Austria in 1900 and was a physicist known as one of the creators of quantum mechanics. He particularly become known for the “Pauli Exclusion Principle” which states that no two electrons can be in the same quantum state at the same time. PRECURSOR: 1831 – Maxwell 1838 – Mach […]

1885 – Bohr – bio

Niels Henrik David Bohr was born in 1885 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He studied under Ernest Rutherford and expanded Rutherford’s theories into a model of atomic structure that included electrons circling the atomic nucleus. Bohr created the idea that an electron could drop to a lower energy level by emitting a quantum of light known as […]