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30 Min Deliveries From Amazon Prime Air

This Amazon Prime Air commercial shows some of the potential of robotic drone deliveries. If they make this work, other companies will follow and expand use cases to many different business sectors. Further, Amazon might be able to sell their delivery infrastructure to smaller companies allowing them to offer the same delivery service. Amazon Prime […]

Drones That Don’t Fly

When we think of drones, we often concentrate on flying drones. But drones can also roll, float, swim, crawl, and eventually will walk. When we use the term, “UAV” it means Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, implying flying. But Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) and Unmanned Water Vehicles (UWV) can also be useful. The key component in drones […]

Robot Deliveries

Amazon has been developing a system to deliver small packages with drones. Walmart is doing the same thing. Soon we may be seeing packages delivered by a variety of robotic devices, not just flying drones. Local Delivery Robot by Starship Technologies – [] The Transwheel robots (the robotic delivery service) – designed by KOBI SHIKAR […]

Networks of Drones

A network of cheap, standardized drones and landing pads could collaborate to provide a short distance delivery service. DRONENET The next BIG thing – [] Here’s a simplified version of what I’m talking about: I put package onto a landing pad at my home. Drone arrives, takes package and flies away. Drone delivers package to […]

Microcarriers Deliver Anti-Cancer Drug

Tiny anti-cancer drug delivery capsules are guided to a target inside a human body using an MRI system. Localized delivery of an anti-cancer drug by remote-controlled microcarriers – [] Soon, drug delivery that precisely targets cancerous cells without exposing the healthy surrounding tissue to the medication’s toxic effects will no longer be an oncologist’s dream […]