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1924 – wave particle duality

Louis de Broglie’s doctoral thesis in 1924, “Research on Quantum Theory” proposed a theory of electron waves that include the properties of both waves and particles. The wave-like component of the electron was confirmed by experiment in 1927 and de Broglie’s theory became accepted and generally known as wave-particle duality. PRECURSOR: 1630 – “Treatise on […]

1892 – de Broglie – bio

Louis de Broglie was born in Dieppe, France in 1892 and was a physicist. He was known primarily for creating the “de Broglie hypothesis”, which associates wavelength characteristics with any moving particle or object. At the time, electrons were being defined mostly as particles, although there had been some evidence developed of both particle and […]

1879 – Einstein – bio

Albert Einstein was born in Wurttemburg, Germany in 1879 and become known as one of the greatest physicists and thinkers. PRECURSOR: -0300 – Euclid 1564 – Galileo 1642 – Newton 1777 – Gauss 1826 – Riemann 1831 – Maxwell 1838 – Mach 1849 – Klein 1853 – Lorentz 1854 – Poincare 1858 – Planck CONCURRENT: […]