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Intel Xeon Phi CPU w/72 cores

Intel has upgraded it’s Xeon Phi co-processor to become a standalone CPU that can have as many as 72 cores. The older “Knights Corner” version of the Xeon Phi is a co-processor mounted on a PCIe board and can go up to 61 cores. The new “Knights Landing” version is a standalone chip that is […]

GPU Password Cracking

Using GPUs to aid in password cracking continues to become more effective in both speed and cost. GPU Password Cracking – Bruteforceing a Windows Password Using a Graphic Card – [mytechencounters.wordpress.com] GPGPU computing is getting lots of attention these days. GPGPU computing simply means doing general calculations on graphic cards (GPUs) rather than CPUs. Traditionally, […]

Single Chip Cloud Computer

Intel’s promise to deliver computers with thousands of processing cores takes a big step forward with the announcement of a 48 core CPU that they call the Single-chip Cloud Computer (SCC). It claims to use better power management, high speed internal communications and provide good software compatibility. Single-chip Cloud Computer – [intel.com] Overview Intel Labs […]



Nehalem is a new microprocessor architecture from Intel. It has been described as the most significant new design in about ten years and has the following qualities: multi-core 45 nm manufacturing process integrated memory controller integrated graphics controller simultaneous multithreading by multiple cores …more   Intel Nehalem (microarchitecture) – [wikipedia] The Nehalem Preview: Intel Does […]