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Multidimensional Intelligence

Intelligence is often presented as a simple linear scale that ranges from some description of “low” to some description of “high”. In fact, intelligence takes on different forms. The linear scale is often used to describe factors like: computational speed, computational accuracy, and amount of knowledge stored. While these all should be included in an […]

A Limit to Intelligence

In Singularity theory, we often assume there is no limit to the growth of intelligence. That may not be an accurate assumption. While we cannot currently define a limiting factor, it is possible that the growth of intelligence approximates a hyperbolic curve that approaches an asymptote but never crosses it. We reached the assumption of […]

Wolfram Alpha

Stephen Wolframs new Wolfram Alpha project is an attempt to create a mechanism that can respond to human language questions by mining information from the web and computing an answer to the question. Wolfram calls it a “computational knowledge engine”. Wolfram Alpha is Coming — and It Could be as Important as Google A Computational […]