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The Future of Fog Computing

We have become used to the idea of “cloud” computing, which means both storing data and and doing processing that is distributed across many remote systems. We are just beginning to understand “the internet of things” (IOT) which is the concept that most “things” in our day to day life can become connected, can handle […]

A HIGH Impact Baseline for Clouds

FEDRAMP (FEDeral Risk and Authorization Management Program) offers baselines of 800-53 security controls that have been tailored for cloud environments. But they do not offer a HIGH impact baseline. Presumably, HIGH impact systems will use private clouds that exist inside the authorization boundary of the federal agency that implements them. FEDRAMP requirements do not apply […]

Hidden Expenses in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing may not deliver the cost savings that everybody seems to expect. The general computing community seems to take it for granted that the driving reason for moving to a cloud is a great reduction of costs. While it is true that cloud operations can offer some reductions in hardware and head count costs, […]

Cloud Security as an Interconnection

Connecting your information system to a cloud is an interconnection. NIST guidance on handling the security of interconnections is documented in SP 800-47 “Security Guide for Interconnecting Information Technology Systems”. The security protections required for an interconnection will depend upon the nature of the connection being established. If the connection uses a clearly limited profile […]

Cloud Security Layers

Situational awareness is one of the most difficult things to get right in doing cloud security, and hand in hand with that goes inventory awareness. To understand why, take a look at the layers involved with cloud security: Facility physical environment – the building and physical environment in which the data center infrastructure resides Infrastructure […]

Interconnection Security

The most fundamental reason to interconnect systems is to share data, but that can be accomplished at a variety of levels. A system interconnection can be limited and simple, using email to transfer data between systems, or it could allow two databases to share data. It can be a connection that is only used when […]

Cloud Robotics

We already have many simple robots that function quite well with small knowledge sets. We also have more complex robots that require much larger sets of knowledge to function in the desirable fashion. Now we are starting to see the growth of robots of all types that can access the “cloud” for their knowledge. This […]

High Performance Cluster on Amazon EC2

This eighteen minute long video offers a step by step demonstration of setting up a high performance cluster with 8 nodes and 64 cores, using Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) service. Screencast: Building a High Performance Cluster with Amazon Web Services – [] This video introduces Amazon EC2 and demonstrates how to create and launch […]

Single Chip Cloud Computer

Intel’s promise to deliver computers with thousands of processing cores takes a big step forward with the announcement of a 48 core CPU that they call the Single-chip Cloud Computer (SCC). It claims to use better power management, high speed internal communications and provide good software compatibility. Single-chip Cloud Computer – [] Overview Intel Labs […]