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1408 – Yongle Encyclopedia

The Yongle encyclopedia was an attempt to compile all knowledge available to the Ming Dynasty empire of China in 1408. Over two thousand scholars spent four years compiling the work, which was commissioned by the Yongle emperor. The finished product of 917,480 pages was bound into over eleven thousand volumes, most of which have been […]

1031 – Shen Kuo

Shen Kuo was born in 1031 in Qiantang (Hangzhou today) in Eastern China. He excelled in the fields of astronomy, physics, chemistry, geology, medicine, literature, engineering, and was also known as a diplomat and expert at military strategy. Both his knowledge and assorted skills were encyclopedic. PRECURSOR: -0325 – Euclid 0220 – Ma Jun 0283 […]

Chinese Cyberwarfare Exposed

Slip-Up in Chinese Military TV Show Reveals More Than Intended – [theepochtimes.com] Piece shows cyber warfare against US entities A standard, even boring, piece of Chinese military propaganda screened in mid-July included what must have been an unintended but nevertheless damaging revelation: shots from a computer screen showing a Chinese military university is engaged in […]

0990 – Bi Sheng – bio

Bi Sheng was born around 0990 in China and created a printing press made of porcelain that was the first to use movable type. At first, he used small wood blocks for each character, but then refined his technique by using clay that was fired to harden the characters into small thin porcelain pieces. PRECURSOR: […]

1238 – Yang Hui – bio

Yang Hui was born in Zhejiang province in China in 1238 during the Song Dynasty and was a mathematician who was associated with a triangular array of numbers very similar to Pascals triangle. Just as Pascal did not invent the triangle, Yang Hui seems to have inherited the knowledge of the numbers from Jia Xian, […]

0220 – printing

Wood block printing was being used in China around 220 to print on cloth.

0105 – paper

While papyrus (a mat of woven reeds) was used thousands of years earlier and various forms of parchment (often skin-based) were also used well before this, the first recorded form of true paper in a modern sense was in China in 105.

0300 – gunpowder

The combination of chemicals needed to make gunpowder and the reaction that occurs when they are heated was recorded in China around 300 by Ge Hong in the Book of the Master of the Preservations of Solidarity.