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The Space Elevator Concept

Design Your Own Space Elevator – [youtube.com] The Universe Documentary – Space Elevator and Carbon Nanotubes – [youtube.com] The Space Elevator – no longer Science Fiction – [youtube.com] An Elevator to Space: Markus Landgraf at TEDxRheinMain – [youtube.com] The Physics of Space Elevators – [youtube.com] (this includes the concept of a space launch from an […]

A Cable Made From Diamond Nanothreads

The concept of a space elevator was just a theory when it was conceived, because no known substance was strong enough to suspend its own weight at the huge distances involved (around 100,000 kilometers). But then, carbon nanotubes were discovered, and they have the required strength to make the cable for a space elevator, when […]

Climbing a Cable to Space

A space elevator is a long thin cable, anchored on the Earth end and held in place on the space end by a counterweight of ballast. The central balance point of the cable is located at a geo-synchronous orbit level, keeping the cable steady over the anchor point. The weight of the cable (and ballast) […]

Thermopower Waves from Nanotubes

Heat produced by burning fuel in a carbon nanotube “wick” can force a wave of electrons down the tube, producing electric current. An engineering lab at MIT has made new progress on this technique. Thermopower Waves (from “Daily Planet”) [youtube.com] A clip from an episode of “Daily Planet” on Discovery Channel Canada featuring the research […]

Graphene Paper Stronger Than Steel

Researchers have been predicting for several years that a form of graphene known as “buckypaper”, which is hundreds of times stronger than steel and much lighter, could be used to make airplanes, electronic components, batteries and hundreds of other products. A team from the University of Technology, Sydney (Australia) has announced results that bring the […]

Aerogel – Frozen Smoke

Aerogel, also known as “frozen smoke” because of it’s vaporous, translucent appearance, is actually a rigid, dry and porous solid. The first aerogel was made in 1931 by Samuel Kistler, using a supercritical fluid drying process to extract the liquid component of a gel, leaving a solid matrix of silica that is highly porous and […]

Space Elevator

Space elevator concepts have been around for a long time in various forms. In 1895 Konstantin Tsiolkovsky proposed building a tower that was tall enough to reach into space. In 1959 Yuri Artsutanov pondered using a satellite with a counter-weighted cable to lift objects into orbit. In the 1960s and 70s several more versions were […]