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Growing Food in Space

Once we establish living habitats in space, it will not be practical to lift food out of the gravity well on Earth for consumption in space. Rather, food will be grown where it is consumed, using advanced agricultural techniques and robot attendants. Gravity will be supplied by rotation of the habitat. Water used in agriculture […]

Artificial Leaf

A leaf is a biological mechanism designed to use the energy from sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and sugar, providing the plant with energy in a form it can use. This chemical process is called photosynthesis. Researchers are working on artificial leaves that can use the energy from sunlight to split […]


Respirocytes are hypothetical, artificial red blood cells, capable of carrying extra oxygen and releasing it into the body and absorbing carbon dioxide and transporting it out. This could make it possible to hold your breath for several hours or to survive life-threatening events such as heart attacks by increasing the minimum response time needed before […]