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-1500 – iron age

During the bronze age, iron ore was known and some limited iron working was done. But the high melting temperature of iron made it difficult to extract and to work with. It was possible to extract from iron ore a cluster of iron globules that were mixed with impurities. Reheating and working this metal could […]

-7000 – copper age

The earliest tools and weapons were made from stone, primarily flint. Then it was noticed that a nugget of copper (like a blue-green stone) could be melted in a fire and reshaped. This discovery eventually made it possible to melt copper into a liquid, then pour it into a mold and allow it to cool […]

-1400 – steel

Iron can be hardened if it is reheated in a furnace with some charcoal, allowing carbon to transfer from the charcoal to the iron. The hot metal alloy is then quenched in water and the result is steel, which is just as workable as iron but will hold a sharp edge longer. PRECURSOR: iron age […]

-3300 – bronze age

By allowing copper and tin to melt together and then solidify, an alloy known as bronze is formed. Bronze is harder than either of the original metals and will hold a sharp edge longer. It was first discovered and used in the Middle East. The ability to produce valuable objects made of metal and the […]

-0400 – blast furnace

Bronze mettalurgy was being used for several thousand years before this. The presence of iron artifacts in a culture is evidence of the ability to melt and refine iron ore which requires higher temperatures than bronze work and usually indicates knowledge of how make a high temperature furnace. Some of the earliest ironwork of this […]