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Robot Pets

Pet ownership can become expensive and requires time and effort. In some circumstances, this overhead is prohibitive, despite the emotional bonding and companionship pets provide. Robotic pets solve many of the problems associated with pet ownership and will increasingly be able to provide companionship as their software matures. Robot Pets of the Future – [] […]

Commerce in Space

Commerce in space will be driven by the demands of exchange and the economic factors involved. Raw Materials: Air and water are likely to be in high demand and even if they become somewhat abundant, will always remain treasured for their inherent importance. Food will be mostly manufactured locally, assuming you have the raw materials […]

Mining Asteroids

Instead of trying to send supply ships up the gravitational well from Earth to supply colonies in space, it is more sensible to find the supplies out in flat space. It is possible to extract precious metals and valuable minerals and elements from asteroids in the asteroid belt. How it will be done is open […]

Evolution of Bots

This is a link to a video posted on Kevin Kelly’s “The Technium” blog about the evolution of bots. It’s a German Saturn commercial. Evolution of Bots – [] This high gloss German commercial for Saturn cars is wonderful eye candy. Everything I’ve seen in technology convinces me that autonomous robots are an inevitability. And […]