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Advances in Cyborg Technology

Artificial Body Technology in the Service of Man – [] When skeptics voice doubts about the viability of creating an artificial human body in the coming decades, it attests only to the fact that they are not very familiar with the scientific and technological achievements that have been made in this field of late. They […]

Self healing, Tough, Stretchy, Bio-gel

Conventional bio-compatible, water based hydrogels have been too fragile. By adding a seaweed extract to polyacrylamide (think soft contact lenses) researchers have created a new gel that is tough, elastic and can self repair damage. This new gel may excel as cartilage replacements and has potential for other bio-implants. Tough gel stretches to 21 times […]

The Evolution of Civilization

Since our current growth rate in some areas of technology is accelerating toward a singularity threshold, it is difficult to predict what our civilization will be like in only a few hundred years. To describe civilization a thousand years from now is nearly impossible to accomplish with any confidence of accuracy. It might be reasonable […]

Chip Under the Retina Restores Sight to Blind

Retinitas Pigmentosa (RP) causes blindness as the back wall of the eye degenerates. At first, there is some tunnel vision and loss of night vision. Then slowly, the tunnel closes in over many years until there is no sight remaining. RP is a genetically inherited condition which had no remedy until recently. It had long […]

Buckyballs in Olive Oil May Increase Lifespan

Soccer Molecule of Youth? Fullerene C60 Increases Lifespan by +90% and Protects Against Free Radicals – [] Put some “soccer balls” in your olive oil and live into your late 150s Since study was designed as a general investigation – not as a test for the longevity effects of the “soccer fullerene” – the actual […]

Germ Free Textiles

Making fabric products that are always germ free may be possible soon. New UGA technology makes textiles permanently germ-free – [] A University researcher has invented a new technology that can inexpensively render medical linens and clothing, face masks, paper towels — and yes, even diapers, intimate apparel and athletic wear, including smelly socks — […]

Medical Monitor Microworms

By using chemical vapor deposition to coat pores etched in an aluminum oxide layer, researchers have created hollow tubes that are called “microworms”. The tubes can be filled with flourescent material that provides chemical monitoring. Research update: Continuous medical monitoring – [] Tiny ‘microworms’ could be implanted under the skin to give readout of blood […]

Human Immortality

For some time, we have been aware of our lengthening average lifespan or life expectancy. In the last 100 years, average life expectancy has almost doubled from 30-45 to 67. If it doubles again in the next 100 years, it will reach 130. However, the rate of increase has not been linear, it is an […]

Spray-on Skin Gun

Spray-on skin’ developed for burns victims – [] Doctors have invented a revolutionary skin spray-gun that heals severe burns within days. The spray-gun which fires stem cells on to the damaged skin has already been used successfully on a dozen patients. Rather than sheets of skin being laboriously grown over a period of a month […]

Printing Skin

In 2005 the idea of using inkjet printer technology to “spray” on new layers of skin had been proposed but was probably dismissed by most as “science fiction”. Now it’s becoming a reality. ‘Skin Printer’ Could Help Heal Battlefield Wounds – [] The system, which lays down cells with the same fluid-based inkjet technology used […]