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1881 – Fleming – bio

Alexander Fleming was born in 1881 in Scotland. He was the first to isolate penicillin after observing its antibiotic effect. He also discovered that bacteria could develop resistance to penicillin under certain conditions. PRECURSOR: -0600 – Sushruta -0460 – Hippocrates 0129 – Galen 0980 – ibn Sina 1514 – Vesalius 1578 – Harvey 1632 – […]

Teixobactin, the First New Antibiotic Class in 28 Years

In 1928, Alexander Fleming discovered that penicillin has the ability to kill many disease causing bacteria, creating a new kind of medication known as antibiotics. Over the years since then, many variations of penicillin have been discovered and other groups or “classes” of antibiotics have also been found. Each class of antibiotics continues to be […]

1632 – van Leeuwenhoek – bio

Antony van Leeuwenhoek was born in Delft, the Netherlands in 1632 and is known for creating the field of microbiology. While he did not invent the microscope, he worked to improve it and was the first to document the world of single celled organisms. Van Leeuwenhoek learned to work with glass and discovered that by […]

Synthetic bacteria

Genetically engineered microbes may serve a variety of purposes: Manufacturing other substances such as medicines and vitamins Delivery of various substances to specific targets in the body Protect teeth from cavities Help handle lactose intolerance Engineering Edible Bacteria Probiotics, a field that seeks to use edible bacteria to improve human health, may soon undergo a […]