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Awareness of Information Security

Awareness of a problem is always one of the first prerequisites to finding a solution. In everyday life, many people are grossly unaware of many threats around them. Technology always amplifies things and that happens without discrimination or moral clauses. It amplifies both good and bad. It can make our information more safe and less […]

Animal Rights

Trying to set a criteria for defining the rights we allow to non-human entities provides an interesting debate. The word, “intelligence” is usually used, but that is not simple to define and may not be adequate. Intelligence is often measured by ability to perform analytic reasoning. But just performing calculations or retrieving knowledge may not […]

Augmented Cognition

Using technology and computational power to extend and enhance our cognitive resources and abilities is called “augmented cognition”. This can involve filtering information flow, modulating information volume to stay under overwhelm limits, enhancing data with analysis and visualization, enhancing bandwidth by using multiple channels and information formats, sequencing information properly to allow increased assimilation rates, […]