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The Advent of the Mobile Lounge

As self driving cars become more commonplace, our emphasis will change from driving experience to riding experience. If the vehicle can get us where we want to go safely and efficiently, we’ll begin to think more about how we travel. We can do more and more things without leaving home. That’s a good thing because […]

Adapting Earth Skills to Space

As we migrate out into space, many of our jobs and their attending skills will need to change. Some skills that have been needed on Earth may dissipate and new ones will need to be cultivated for the space environment. Changes in gravity and atmosphere will be among the driving factors. OUTDOOR VS INDOOR Skills […]

Autonomous Ships

Ships that can operate themselves are in our future. Solving navigation and normal operations problems are not difficult with modern technology. Adapting “fly-by-wire” methodology from aviation to ocean going ships will allow all the ships systems to be controlled from a computer interface instead of manual controls. In fact, many modern ships are already in […]

Drones That Don’t Fly

When we think of drones, we often concentrate on flying drones. But drones can also roll, float, swim, crawl, and eventually will walk. When we use the term, “UAV” it means Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, implying flying. But Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) and Unmanned Water Vehicles (UWV) can also be useful. The key component in drones […]

UAV Flies Around Inside Garage Without GPS

MIT has developed a 2 meter wingspan fixed wing light aircraft that uses new autonomous flight control algorithms to navigate obstacles in an indoor garage using its own sensors and no GPS data. Autonomous robotic plane flies indoors – [] New algorithms allow an autonomous robotic plane to dodge obstacles in a subterranean parking garage, […]

Cars Without Drivers

Every since the first DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004 that asked autonomous robotic ground vehicles to navigate a 200 mile course over varying terrain, teams of researchers have been working on creating ever improving versions of the car without a driver. Google Cars Drive Themselves, in Traffic – [] Anyone driving the twists of Highway […]