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When Virtual Worlds Become Larger Than the Real World

Virtual and augmented environments are becoming more complex and more vivid as computing and graphics power grows. By networking many computers together and sharing the processing capability, it becomes possible to create massive virtual environments that are certainly larger than the total space within which most of us live our lives. In the near future, […]

Third Person Driver Camera System

Using cameras to augment driver vision has eliminated blind spots. This new version uses a selectable view angle to create a third person viewpoint similar to that used in video games. This technology is likely to expand beyond cars and driving to include many aspects of our daily lives. As video I/O points continue to […]

Colloidal Camouflage

Cuttlefish dynamically change both the color and texture of their skin to create camouflage that matches the environment around them. A University of Nebraska research team is doing the same thing using colloids in a multilayered structure. When light hits the colloid layer, heat convection reassembles it to replicate the light pattern. This technique is […]

No Windows in Space

Many representations of life in space include windows in the walls of space ships and space dwellings. There will be no windows in space. As an engineering consideration, windows are “factory installed leaks”. Our electronics continue to grow smaller, more flexible and are starting to become built in to everything in our environment. It will […]

Smart Environments

Whether it’s in a house, an office, a car, or a shopping area, we are re-designing the environments we live in to become more intelligent. We already have smart meters for electricity and soon will have other smart meters for other utilities. We have smart thermostats, smart phones, smart TVs and an entire range of […]

Flexible Electronic Membranes In Surgical Gloves

Building electronic components into flexible skin-like membranes allows an array of medical sensors to be embedded into surgical gloves. Enhancing a surgeons sense of feel with important medical indicators will increase the level of knowledge and also improve precision. Collection of temperature and pressure, as well as abilities to perform ablation and deliver ultra-sound direct […]

Wearing Our Electronics

We are beginning to wear our electronics on our bodies and in our clothing and eventually in our bodies. It all started with hearing aids and glasses. Early hearing aids were simple cones and other sound collecting devices. Modern hearing aids are digital electronics and can filter and augment the sound they relay inside the […]

Leap Motion Gesture Control

Leap Motion is a small and cheap gesture control interface that plugs into a USB port and allows you to use hand and finger movements to manipulate objects on a computing device. Anticipated release price is $70 and release date around the end of 2012. A look inside Leap Motion, the 3D gesture control that’s […]

Gesture Sensing Uses Sound

Doppler shifts in ultrasonic sound waves can be used to detect gestures. Soundwave uses this technology to turn conventional speakers and microphones on computers into gesture control interfaces. Gesture Control System Uses Sound Alone – [] While other motion-sensing technologies such as Microsoft’s own Kinect device use cameras to sense and interpret movement and gestures, […]

Touche Object Sensing

Touche is a touch interaction technology that uses capacitive sensing in a new way to create a variety of interactive experiences with everyday objects. Using a frequency scanning technique allows it to detect complex touch configurations and create profiles of many contact and gesture forms. These profiles allow many forms of interaction with devices and […]