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Interacting With Intelligent Software

As our software embeds more human intelligence and more human behavior, we can expect to interact with it in a more human fashion. At one point, in the beginning of computing history, we would write programs on some form of media like punch cards or magnetic tape and then feed the media into computer memory, […]

Smart Nano-colloidal Metamaterials

Metamaterials have been getting recent press for their potential to create invisibility cloaks. Colloids are particle suspensions that have always been part of our lives (blood, milk, fog…) and operate at the nano level. Smart materials offer the ability to change their characteristics under control. Incorporating metamaterials into colloids will allow them to be deployed […]

Virtual Stores

Virtual stores are displays that allow a shopper to select a product and purchase it for delivery. This means a very small storefront and versatile handling of inventory. Using augmented reality techniques will allow creation of virtual stores in virtual places. VIRTUAL GROCERY AND TOY STORES ON THE RISE THANKS TO QR CODES – [] […]