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1844 – Boltzmann – bio

Ludwig Boltzmann was born in 1844 in Vienna, Austria and was a physicist and mathematician. He is considered to be the “father” of statistical mechanics for his work on the statistical nature of gases. Maxwell and Gibbs also contributed to this area independently. When most other scientists thought that atoms were only statistical theoretical constructs, […]

1887 – Schrodinger – bio

Erwin Schrodinger was born in Vienna, Austria in 1887 and was a physicist who made major contributions to quantum mechanics. The Schrodinger wave equation describes the state of an atom, including the electrons as mathematical waves. It was later demonstrated that Heisenberg’s matrix mechanics and the wave function were describing the same thing. PRECURSOR: 1777 […]

1856 – Thomson – bio

Sir Joseph John “J.J.” Thomson was born in Manchester, England in 1856 and was a physicist credited with discovering the electron in 1897. PRECURSOR: 1791 – Faraday 1826 – Stoney 1831 – Maxwell 1854 – vacuum pump 1855 – vacuum tube CONCURRENT: Zeeman 1853 – Lorentz 1870 – Perrin SUBSEQUENT: 1871 – Rutherford 1882 – […]