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GAIA Space Observatory Searches for New Asteroids

The GAIA space observatory platform was launched in 2013 into a stable Lagrange orbital point known as L-2. L-1 is a stable point on the Sun side of Earth and L-2 is a mirror of that but on the opposite side of Earth from the Sun. GAIA is a project of the European Space Agency […]

Animation of 100,000 Asteroids

Asteroids can be identified in SDSS imaging because they change position during the course of an 8-minute exposure with the SDSS camera. The SDSS has identified and measured colors of more than 100,000 asteroids and other Solar System minor objects. The video to the left shows the orbits of many of the asteroids that the […]

Belt Geography

Belt Geography

Location in the Solar System: The main body of asteroids are located in the large gap between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. There are also two other groups of asteroids known as “trojans” and “greeks” that are located on the orbital path of Jupiter. Asteroid Belt Asteroids Dynamic Site Titius Bode law […]