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Asteroid Impact Effects

Purdue unveils ‘Impact: Earth!’ asteroid impact effects calculator – [purdue.edu] Purdue University on Wednesday (Nov. 3) unveiled ”Impact: Earth!” a new website that allows anyone to calculate the potential damage a comet or asteroid would cause if it hit the Earth. The interactive website is scientifically accurate enough to be used by homeland security and […]

Neptune’s “Trojan” Asteroids

Some asteroids that share the orbit of a larger body, such as a planet, without interfering with it, are known as “Trojans”. Lagrange points are orbital positions found near two objects, that allow a third object to remain in a balanced and stable position. There are two clusters of asteroids that have accumulated near Lagrange […]

Landing on an Asteroid

There are some problems with a mission to “land” on an asteroid: Space shuttle not available – the space shuttle is due for retirement and even if it could be pulled out of mothballs, it is unlikely that it would be capable of making an asteroid rendezvous. The shuttle was designed for orbital missions and […]

21 Lutetia

21 Lutetia is a main belt asteroid, about 100 kilometers in diameter and classified spectrally as M-type or metallic. Rosetta is a space probe that will fly by 21 Lutetia in July of 2010. Rosetta was launched in 2004 and is on a mission to investigate a comet in 2014. On the way to that […]

Antarctic Asteroid Crater

It is possible that one of the largest asteroid impacts in the history of the Earth has been located in Antarctica. A land mass concentration detected by satellite mapping of the gravitational field suggests a crater that is around 500 km in diameter (300 miles) and was probably created about 250 million years ago. It […]

Hayabusa Returns

Hayabusa (Falcon), the little engine that could in space, is on the way back from the asteroid belt. Nov 3, 2005 Japan’s Hayabusa Closes in on Asteroid Landing Site – [space.com] Stunning imagery is being returned by Japan’s Hayabusa space probe as it draws closer to its celestial target: asteroid Itokawa. Now just a few […]

Water on the Moon and Mars

It has long been known that water exists in comets, asteroids, on Mars and on the Moon, but the key question has always been, “how much is there?” Shadows in craters at the Moon’s poles have been suspected to hold some ice, but there was little hope of finding enough moisture across the rest of […]

Asteroid Threat

The Threat to Earth from Asteroids & Comets Since it formed over 4.5 billion years ago, Earth has been hit many times by asteroids and comets whose orbits bring them into the inner solar system. These objects, collectively known as Near Earth Objects or NEOs, still pose a danger to Earth today. Depending on the […]