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1814 – Sylvester – bio

James Joseph Sylvester was born in London, England in 1814. He was a mathematician who did significant work on group theory, matrix theory and determinants. He often collaborated with Arthur Cayley and used matrix theory to study geometries of higher dimensions. PRECURSOR: 1501 – Cardano 1625 – de Witt 1642 – Seki 1646 – Leibniz […]

Distributed Flight Array (copter group)

The Distributed Flight Array: Summary – [youtube.com] The Distributed Flight Array is a modular robotic vehicle consisting of multiple autonomous single-rotor units that are able to drive, dock with its peers, and coordinate with one another in order to drive and fly together. For more information, visit: http://robohub.org/the-distributed-flight-array-modular-robots-that-self-assemble-coordinate-and-take-flight/ – [robohub.org] SEE ALSO: Quadcopters Play Catch […]

Mathematica Grid

Wolfram Mathematica allows you to model and visualize mathematical algorithms. It integrates a computational engine, graphics, a programming language, and an interface to a wide variety of external tools. It includes access to a very large set of mathematical and engineering functions. The Mathematica Grid system now extends this computational power across many systems using […]

Grid Appliance

Grid Appliance is a virtual appliance (a virtual machine system application) that enables grid computing across multiple hardware platforms using an IPOP virtual network and Condor grid scheduling software. The software is linux based, open source and runs on VMWare workstation, player or server. VirtualBox and KVM images are also supported. The appliance can be […]