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LUNAR – an extension of humanity

The single greatest extension of the human race so far has been the U.S. space program that culminated in reaching the Moon in 1969. The Apollo program ended in 1972. This short film is an animation of actual NASA photographs that portray the Moon landing effort.

Voyage to Asteroid “Bennu”

NASA has launched a spacecraft mission called OSIRIS-REx, which will spend several years traveling toward an intercept with an asteroid that is called, “101955 Bennu” in the year 2020. Bennu is part of a group that is known as the “Apollo” class of asteroids and is categorized as a “Near Earth Asteroid” because it crosses […]

China Moon Rover Chang’e-3 Lands

The first human object to reach the Moon was a crash landing (by design) of Luna 2, a probe launched by the Soviet Union. The first “soft” (controlled) landing was accomplished by another Soviet probe, Luna 9, in 1966. The first manned Moon landing was by the US Apollo 11 mission in 1969. The last […]