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Face to Face Turing Test

The Turing Test measures the ability of software to mimic human conversation. Originally conceived by Alan Turing as a test for intelligence in machines, it has become possible to imitate conversation convincingly enough to pass for human, even though the software does not qualify as truly intelligent. In the field of robotics, a new version […]

Intelligence Enhances Sex

Sex is better with a partner because it involves the pleasure of two instead of the pleasure of one and because it expands from the pleasure of self to the pleasure of another. Sex is best when both partners focus on the requirements and desires of the other more than their own needs. Just understanding […]

“Kara” animated

This short film depicts the animation of Kara, an android. “Kara” by Quantic Dream – [] SEE ALSO: Self-conscious Intelligence 1709 – Vaucanson – bio AI Rights AI Trust Issues

1709 – Vaucanson – bio

Jacques Vaucanson was born in Grenoble, France in 1709 and was an inventor and engineer who mainly constructed automated machines known as automatons. These were early versions of robots. His most famous robot was the duck, which could flap its wings, stretch its neck and simulated digestion. He learned anatomy from discussions with surgeons and […]


Wikitude is a travel guide smartphone application for the android platform that keeps track of your current location by GPS and links it to search results about the location. The results can be presented in a variety of forms including dots on a map with information bubbles or a camera view that superimposes information over […]

Rebuilding Our Bodies

We now have the ability to rebuild our bodies; at least in a limited sense, but that limitation is shrinking rapidly. Prosthetic Replacements Artificial replacement limbs and dentures have been used for thousands of years. Roman Capua Leg – [] Prosthetic replacements have dramatically improved their functionality and their human-like appearance with increases in technological […]