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Multi Valued Logic Using Ferroelectric Perovskites

Multi valued logic is the way the real world works, in shades of gray. We call this “analog” states and this kind of logic becomes complex. In order to simplify it, we abstract simple black and white logic conditions, also known as digital or binary states. Almost all of our computing and electronic resources use […]

The Logic of Ethics

How difficult will it be to translate ethics into logic trees that can be encoded into software for use by AIs? In a simplified ethical decision, there is a starting state, usually at least two possible actions (or an action/inaction pair) to choose between and outcome states to calculate and compare. In order to make an […]

Computer Brains

FACETS (Fast Analog Computing with Emergent Transient States) works at reproducing brain-like processing using computer hardware. FACETS (Fast Analog Computing with Emergent Transient States) – [] The goal of the FACETS project is to create a theoretical and experimental foundation for the realisation of novel computing paradigms which exploit the concepts experimentally observed in […]